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All Inclusive Bills

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Are you worried about high utility bills?

Flatmates not contributed to the bills in the past? Our all-inclusive deal will solve this problem for you. You will be able to budget correctly as the one fixed fee of rent includes bills meaning that you do not have to deal with unknown utility bills. Arguments between flatmates regarding bills can be a thing of the past with our all-inclusive deal.

Our all-inclusive deal means that you can plan and know exactly what you're outgoings are each and every month. Winter or summer the cost is the same.

What is included in the deal?
Gas and electricity Water Broadband TV Licence

Advantages of All Inclusive Bills
One fixed manageable monthly cost for all bills per tenant, added onto your rent All bills are separated equally between tenants, no more arguments over who owes money.
Easy to budget when you know the fixed cost

Fair Usage
Our fair usage policies will be applied to ensure that excessive usage does not happen. If you are sensible with your usage then you are unlikely to ever exceed these limits.
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