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12 Reasons why you should let Hitchen & Co rent your property out

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All Inclusive? Get More

In order to gain a higher return from your investment on a rental property landlord can offer the tenant an all-inclusive deal. This will allow the tenant to correctly budget without the worry of high bills. This additional service can provide the landlord with another revenue stream on his rental property.


Mortgage Advice from Hitchen & Co
Decorated Properties Rent Faster

It is easy to promise that re-decoration is planned in the future. Why not get it decorated from the start? In a market where there is choice for a tenant, the well maintained property will always rent first. A freshly painted property sets the right impression.

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Your Property Trashed? We can help

It is the one event you hoped would never happen. Your property is trashed. Words will fail you as you gaze around the property and wonder…why me? What next? Call upon those who you can trust, and know how to deal with it quickly. This problem does not have to be faced alone.

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Inventories - Why You Need Them

A correct and comprehensive inventory is there to protect the landlord as much as the tenant. An inventory should always contain a schedule of conditions if not it is simply a list. At Hitchen & Co we use photographs in conjunction with the written inventory, which means deposit disputes are averted.

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Protect Your Tenants Deposit

Since April 6th 2007 is have been law that a tenants deposit must be protected within a tenancy deposit protection scheme for all short hold tenancy agreements. A Hitchen & Co landlord can be rest assured that their tenancy deposit protection responsibilities will be met.

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Statistics - Why They Are Important

Our tenants stay longer, the national average length for a tenancy agreement is currently 9 nine months, our average length for a tenancy agreement is currently 18 months proving that our tenants stay longer

Attract Tenants

Hitchen & Co attracts hundreds of tenants across a wide variety of media every week. Our tenants know the brand Hitchen & Co stands for excellence and originality. The range of properties at Hitchen & Co is varied with luxury flats, country cottages, detached houses, semi-detached houses, terraced properties, bungalows, Georgian houses the list goes on, offering the tenant the variety they expect. The Hitchen & Co rental experience ensures the tenant finds the right property in the right location at a price to suit them.


Free Rental Valuation

The lettings team is always available to give property rental valuations for prospective landlords and guide them through the lettings market. Our personalised service allows the landlord to benefit from our advice on how to gain the best rental amount for your property and attract the professional tenant. Even if your properties are not in one location, we can help as we cover the whole of Yorkshire. With our head office based in Leeds city centre, Hitchen & Co is the central solution for your property investments.

Longer Viewing Hours

Our team at Hitchen & Co understands that finding the time to search for a home is difficult with longer working hours. Hitchen & Co are here to help your tenant by opening 6 days a week, offering after hour viewings, meaning tenants can make the viewing of their ideal apartment a reality, without the issue of having to find time off work. Opening hours are monday - Friday 9am - 6pm, Saturday 10am - 4pm. Our letting negotiators can take tenants for a viewing of their new home, at the best time for them.

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Dress The Property, Why?

Each tenant that walks through your door is trying to decide whether they can envisage living in the property. Dressing a property helps that tenant to make the decision more easily. By showing them the potential of a property to be a home, you bring the viewing closer to a positive outcome.

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Helpdesk Live

Communication is paramount in the management of a property. Our online helpdesk keeps the tenant informed at all times in a quick, efficient and useable manner. All tenants are issued with a username, password and just simply log onto our Helpdesk Live to report and see the resolution of property management.

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Our Money Back Guarantee

If you were not happy with a service you received you would not want to pay for it. We agree. Our money back guarantee is simple, if you are unhappy with the service you receive then one months management fee will be returned to you. Terms and conditions apply.


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